re-BONICO dance, tradition, identity

re-BONICO is a portrait and personal homage to the traditions and the popular dance of Sant Mateu, a small town north of Valencia. It is an intersection between past and present. Identity, heritage and collectivity meet between two choreographic worlds to establish a dialogue, confront each other and team up.

The piece analyses the original steps, the actual structure and rhythm to juxtapose it with contemporary movement and composition. It explores the ritual and observes the evolution and embraces the social experience to bring it on stage out of its regular context.

The Ball Pla is a popular dance celebrated in different regions of Valencia, Catalunya and Aragón. Its steps are soft and the feet slide always close to the floor. Those dances in the traditional society were spontaneous, open to everyone and strengthened social connections. Today, Ball Pla is an exhibition of the local Folklore, a strong symbol of identity and celebration of the town’s heritage.

Premiere: 21.05.2021 in etageº Bremen (Germany)

Choreography: Neus Ledesma Vidal
Dance: Daura Hernández García & Neus Ledesma Vidal
Sound Design: Riccardo Castagnola
Costume Design: Lilly Bosse
Choreographic Assistance: Leila Bakhtali
Video&Photo: Gabriela Valdespino

works with HMD/Andrea Just

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