Digital Dialogues (2021)

Dance on the city’s facades
Urband Screen & Tanz Bremen

Proximity, dance and community come alive by XXL projections in urban spaces. The DIGITAL DIALOGUES offer the audience completely new visual experiences: Larger-than-life couples dance via projection on selected facades of the city.

Dance and choreography:
Dagmar Scherer Dornelles and Neus Ledesma Vidal
Clara Furey and Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui
Eun-Me Ahn and Kiri Haardt
Sudeshna Swayamprabha and Andor Rusu
Serge Aimé Coulibaly and Magali Sander Fett

Artistic advice Digital Dialogues: Tom Bünger

TANZ Bremen
Artistic direction: Sabine Gehm
Organizational management: Sabine Beyer
Assistance: Karolin Spohr
Press/Marketing: Anja Michalke

Artistic direction: Till Botterweck
Production/Organization: Lydia Liedke
Graphics/Animation: Ana Romão