Neus Ledesma Vidal is a choreographer and performer from Barcelona, currently living and working in Bremen. Through multidisciplinary collaborations, her work deals with identity and biography, feminism and the relationship between text and movement. 

In 2010 she graduated from London Contemporary Dance School, where she started to develop her ideas as a choreographer. In 2011, back in Barcelona she co-founded HandMadeDance with Andrea Just, an artistic collective which created multidisciplinary projects based on movement. They worked with video makers, photographers, ephemeral architects and mapping and streaming experts. In 2016 they premiered Croma at MAC Festival in Barcelona, a multi-location performance funded by CreatiFI (EU).

In 2013 she finished an online BA on Media and Communication as well as a Postgraduate in Arts Management at Idec-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Since 2017 she is based in Bremen where she works as a dance teacher, performer and choreographer. She works regularly with Magali Sander Fett, Pretty Playful Productions and Birgit Freitag. In 2021 she premiered rebonico, an homage to the traditional dance of her home town.

In 2022, alongside colleagues Gabriela Valdespino and Farzad Golghasemi, she produced and curated RESTORE_a series of site-specific performances in the West of Bremen.

Her second piece as a choreographer Las Otras, was premiered in October 2022. Since Summer 2022 she is part of TanzKollektivBremen.